Reality Kings is ruling the world with love and hot porn videos ever since its inception. One of the greatest porn sites, Reality Kings was founded in a college dorm room in the year of 2000 and constantly providing its viewers with some spicy hot bedroom scenarios. If you give it a go, the porn site will show you the real hotness of awesome HD videos.

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They not only create passionate sex videos inside your bedroom, but also other places like pool, couch and wherever you want. But before going into details, let’s check out the cool features Reality Kings’ hot porn videos.

Features of Reality Kings

Hot new angels everywhere: At the beginning, they used to shoot their porn videos by amateur artists, but now they are also giving the freshers a chance to build up their career in the porn industry. This feature helps in gaining more viewers of the site as they get to watch their familiar favorite porn artists along with some cute, fresh ones.

New spiciest scenarios daily: Reality Kings is updating more and more spicy videos every day, enough to leave the viewers clueless. You can imagine how many quality and passionate bedroom stories they have added into their collection from 2000. They have around 11,479 videos and 11,393 photo galleries in their stock along with thousands of videos in full HD.

Various categories for your special need: Not only that, they also offer their users multiple categorized hot videos. Some of the popular categories are MILF, Mature, Big Booties, Big Boobs, Teen, Tight Pussy, Handjob, Blowjob, Threesome, Double penetration, Hardcore etc. which one is your favorite?

Notifications for your favorite porn videos: The site also notifies the viewers about their favorite porn videos. All you need to do is just add your favorite hot little babies into your Favorite list and whenever the sexy ones will add a new video, you will get notified.

Watch later, from wherever you want (avoid public places): You can add your liked videos to your ‘watch later’ playlist and can view them whenever you want. The site has also added a ‘review history’ feature from where you can re-watch the videos you have already watched.

Stream more videos with RK Premium: This premium feature lets you stream various videos every day. You can make a massive library of your favorite porn videos collection. However, to avail this feature, you need to pay a little more penny. But at the end, it will be worth it when you will be able to add more sites to your membership.

What I have found from all these features are:


You will get to access to a plenty of hot videos every day.

Plus, you can watch new faces frequently along with the familiar ones.

Furthermore, Reality Kings has a huge collection of all types of hot categories HD porn videos.

Apart from all these pros, there are also a few downsides that I happened to find:


There are daily download limits that means you cannot download more videos once you reach your daily limits.

Also, you have to pay a little more money to watch quality HD videos every day.

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